Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Evening in the Great Outdoors

We knew it was going to be a nice weekend, and even though we had plans Saturday and Sunday, we decided to go camping for the evening on Friday.

I packed the car up and went down during the day to set up the campsite. When Kurt got off work, he drove down and I had dinner waiting. We enjoyed the evening, especially joining with an amateur astronomers club who was out at the equestrian area. We all got to look through an enormous telescope and see Saturn with the rings and it's moons! Kurt and Brody also got to see another galaxy while I went to the car with an extremely tired Seth.

We all slept together in the bed for the first time, as Seth was in a pack-and-play last time we went camping. It worked out well. The kids were so tired that going to bed was a non-issue.

It was a nice day and evening. The kids ran around the woods and played. We had a campfire last night with s'mores and another fire this morning. We took our time breaking down camp this morning and came home before lunch. We have some filthy kids who need a good scrub-down, though!

It was definitely some nice, much needed and deserved, family time. :)

Brody and Seth are helping Kurt pick out wood for the fire.

Seth is becoming quite the goof.

It is a running joke in our marriage that Kurt isn't quite the master firebuilder that he wishes he was. We have spent quite a bit of time while out camping trying to get a fire going. Here he is with a butane lighter AND a firestarter log. :) I love you sweetie!

This cracks me up how far we made Brody sit from the fire.


Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Jen-where did you go camping - and are there bathrooms and stuff?

I'm NOT NOT NOT into camping, okay. I hate bugs. I'm not into dirt (as you know, LOL) and I don't do fires very well - the one time I went camping I burned my hand on the lantern, plus it POURED!!!! BUT I know my kids will be and I know they will want to do it. So - just curious where this cute little campsite is and whether there is running water and what about electricity? (Smile...come on, can't you give a NON CAMPING girl electricity, at the LEAST??) I love the thought of the telescope, I used to have one and it was great fun to look at the moon, etc. That's great you got to see Saturn!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful family day!!! I sorta kinda want to try it now. (That is: SORTA & KINDA and once I shop for tents and bug lamps and what else do you need????)

TheAkersFam said...

Hey... I actually thought of you a few times while we were out there, because our kids were little COATED in dirt!

We tried a new campsite this time which is in Chesapeake, called Northwest River Park. It was about 25 minutes away.

There are bathrooms. And showers. And if you want it, you can get electricity at your site. We do that in the winter for our heater, but not in the spring or summer.

It really is so much fun. We love it. It puts us out of our comfort zone and forces us all to have fun with no TV or MP3s or Video Games or even many toys. I take a few, but the boys just played in the leaves and rocks and dirt and they love playing on the beds in the tent. We take blow up mattresses and use those.

We can give lots of advice if you wall want to go try it! We have been tons!