Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some Gymnastics Photos

At Brody's gymnastics lessons, parents aren't allowed in the gym room, but there is a glass window you can look through. I tried to get a few photos, but my battery was running low and you can't use a flash. Here are just a few blurry ones, but you can see the kind of stuff he is learning.

Also, here are a few vidoes.

This is my favorite. For some reason, when Brody dismounts from the beam, this is his standard operating procedure ~to run in place and be a crazy lunatic. I am not sure that will earn points for him if he ever makes it to the olympics! :)

After my camera battery died, he actually swung around the bottom bar, then she helped him put his feet up on the bar and he jumped to the top bar. I was so excited and he is SO PROUD that he did that!

This is his favorite part of the whole thing!

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