Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Ahead ~ Air Out Your Dirty Floors

I hope you aren't the squeemish type. If so, just close your browser now.

You can pretty much tell what went on during our day by the dirt on our kitchen floors. I am completely embarrassed to admit that this dirt is from ONE DAY in our house. Really. I swept this morning, and then this is just from today...

Can you see the clues? Cheerios for breakfast. Stopped at the bank and got lollipops. Crackers and peanut butter for lunch. Some Peanut Butter Captain crunch for a small snack. Played with red and blue play dough. Kids pulled out their easter baskets from the closet, complete with the clear cellophane grass. Seth peeled apart a green crayon. Swept with an old broom that is shedding.

Pretty scary, huh?

BTW, all of you gasping at the amount of dirt in my house, I can loan you two small kids if you would like to do your own experiment in your house! :)

1 comment:

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Not gasping, I recommend an electric sweeper. If I do it once or twice or three times during the day - I don't see as much. And if I don't see it - it "ain't" there. (Smile!!)

Thanks for the play-doh .... they're going to play with it tomorrow .... :)