Monday, August 14, 2006

Crazy Week

This is going to be a crazy week. It is one of those weeks where I have to write down what is happening each day with the times next to it so I don't forget to do something.

I have a Glucose Screening test tomorrow. My health has been awful and I have run the gamut of blood tests. My sugar levels were *off* so I have to do this awful awful test tomorrow. I can't eat after midnight tonight. I go in tomorrow morning and they draw blood to see what my levels are like in the morning before I have eaten anything. Then I wait an hour and they give me this sugary syrupy drink. They draw more blood. Then they wait an hour and do it again ( I think) and they do some other stuff and draw more blood, etc... Anyway, the test is over at 2pm. WHICH MEANS... I will not be able to eat until after the test is over. I am not gonna make it.
The reason I am having all the tests done is because I get dizzy and nauseated and light headed and pass out IF I DONT EAT. LOL. I guess they will see first hand.

THEN... I am also having an MRI done on my head tomorrow. My Prolactin levels are not right, and the fear is that I may have something anatomically wrong (meaning, a tumor) with my pituitary gland. Which is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR HEAD. I made the mistake today of reading about all of it online today. I guess it is good to be informed, but you don't want to know how they perform surgery on your pituitary gland. *sigh* We are PRAYING that it is not a tumor.

So, needless to say, tomorrow is crazy. Mom and Dad and Suz are watching the kids for me.

THEN, Kurt goes into the hospital at 5:30 am on Wednesday for Arthroscopic surgery on his knee. He has never been operated on before. I am not sure how long we will be at the hospital, but I hope it is quick and they don't find anything more they need to do to his knee.

Thursday, I work in the office. So, Mom and Dad will be watching the kids for the 4th day in a row. They are saints (thanks mom and dad if you are readying this!)

Friday should be pretty uneventful (unless I am missing something, and I am sure I might be).

On another note, I have to have suregery on my left knee again (surgery #3). They will remove the screws from surgery #2 (which have been the source of most of my pain) and will also *clean up* in there. I hope to get this done ASAP so I will be fully recovered before we go to Disney in November.

Sooo... anyone have any good news? :o)



Jes said...


I will pray for you! You guys have a lot going on (not that you need me to tell you that!) Rob and I will both be praying for you extra hard, and I know the Lord will bring you guys through everything!!! :) Keep your head up! Love you guys! -Jes

Amylouwho said...

Jen - I'm so glad you have a blog! I'm not so good with keeping in touch either. We are in Stafford now - let me know if you are ever passing through on your way up north. I hope they figure all of this health stuff out. We need to get together and swap stories. Your in my prayers.