Friday, August 04, 2006

Here we are!

I have found that as I grow up and have people come into and out of our lives that I am not the best person for keeping up with the people that I love. Maybe I am a little too self involved. Or maybe I am just too busy with 2 jobs, a home business, and 2 kids under three. Ah, well, such is life. Maybe this blog will help me to keep up with others. We shall see. If anything, I KNOW the grandmothers will check in every now and then to see what we have been up to, but I have a feeling that will be more to see what Seth and Brody have been doing! :o)

I have pink eye. I have had it for four days now. I also have a sinus infection that has been here since Sunday. *sigh* Does it ever end? Will we be continually sick until the kids turn 10? We catch EVERY bug that goes around and I am pretty sure we probably start some also. Someone tell me... is there hope? Will I ever make it through a sick season without catching the bug at least once, maybe twice?!

Seth is also sick. We are taking him into the doctor today (his 7 month birthday). I am really hoping it isn't an ear infection. Not a fun road to start down.

My birthday was on Wednesday. I can't leave the house or touch the kids, so, not the best birthday ever. We plan to celebrate this weekend by going to the Commodore Theater (old movie theater that still has a sit down dinner with tables and chairs and little phones to call the waiters). I am not sure which movie is playing there, though. Need to look into it. AND my mom got me the light I wanted to hang over my kitchen table, so I am sure I will be pestering Kurt to hang it up for me this weekend. I love getting stuff for my house!

Anyway... I will do my darndest to keep this blog up to date. I don't have the best track record with journals, but we shall see how this goes!

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