Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nostalgia Lane

To take a trip to the past, Kurt and I thought it would be fun to hook up the PlayStation. The original. Number 1. The FIRST Sony PlayStation. I have NO idea how old it is, but I remember playing it well before we were married, so probably around 1995? 1996? Does that sound about right, you Gamer Officianados?

Anyway, we spent the afternoon (Me, Kurt, and Brody) in our PJs all playing Grand Turismo (Number 1) and TombRaider (The Revelation one). I remember thinking how incredible the graphics were when they first came out. Now, they remind us of Atari. ;o) But, still fun.

And I don't care what anyone says... the hardest part of any game I have ever played was in the boat in Italy in TombRaider (I can't remember which TombRaider). Anyone remember that? Heather Moye Clarke? How many DAYS did we try to open that stupid gate with the boat? :o)

Anyway... hope you all are having as lazy a Saturday as we are!

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