Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Confession Time

Okay. This is a little embarrassing, but I plan on writing it all out anyway. I work from home and take care of the kids each day. Most days, I do not make anything for dinner and we end up going out to get something, ordering in, or just snacking (so sad). My main excuse (other than no time)is that we don't have anything in the house to eat.


So, to debunk my own excuse, I decided to document everything (well, almost everything) that is in my pantry. My intention is to CLEAN OUT the pantry, not by having to throw things away because they have been there too long, but by making meals with it and actually eating the food that we have bought! Then, I would like to repopulate it with only the things we eat.

Here is the confession part... we eat out entirely too much and throw away a lot of food in our fridge/pantry because we don't eat it. How warped is that mentality? Animal dies and becomes food... I buy the food... I am lazy and don't want to fix anything... we pay MORE money to eat out... I throw out the food when it goes bad. Some times, I make dinner and we have lots of leftovers, but because I am not in the mood to have it again, we end up throwing it away. SUCH A WASTE! I can't imagine how much money we throw away, let alone animals that died and we just threw the meat out when we didn't eat it in time.

I don't expect you all to actually read all of this, but just to be thorough, THIS is what is in my pantry at the moment (I didn't include all the spices and coffee/teas):

Town House Crackers
Pretzel Sticks
Microwave Popcorn
Goldfish crackers
Caramel apple dip
Mandarin Oranges
Teddy Grahams
Oreo Cakesters
Fiber One Bars
Orange Smoothie Mix

Instant Brown Rice
3 Mac n Cheese
Shells n Cheese
New Potatoes
4 meat seasoning packets
3 Knorr Veggie Side dishes
5 packs of instant mashed potatoes
Suddenly Salad
Taco Shells

Instant Oatmeal
Oatmeal to Go Bars
Smart Start Cereal
Fiber One Cereal
Cap’n Crunch Cereal
Honey Nut Cheerios
Multi Grain Cheerios
Pancake Mix
Bisquick Mix
Cream of Wheat

Black Beans
Chili Tomatoes
Chicken & Stars Soup
Tomato Bisque Soup
Cream of Chicken Soup
Creamy Ranchero Soup
Chicken Noodle
Canned Chicken
Spaghetti Os
Baked Beans
2 cans of sweet peas

Brown Sugar
Corn Meal
Corn Starch
Wheat Flour
Wheat Germ
Powdered Sugar
Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter Chips
2 jars natural peanut butter

3 boxes elbow macaroni
Egg noodles
Manicotti noodles
Jumbo shells

Double Fiber
Kids White Wonder Bread


My Goal: Not buy anything else to go into this pantry until all of the items in it have been eaten. We are going to be having some WEIRD meals in the next month!

Maybe I will look through the fridge and do that next!

Wish us luck!


The Tramontanas..... said...

Jen, you guys are always welcome to have dinner at our house! Heehee!! (I have the same problem, I actually just threw out two FULL (I'm dead serious when I say full) garbage bags of food that went "uneaten" and had expired in our fridge/pantry. Bread that had expired a month ago, cheese that looked like a science experiment ... boxes and boxes and boxes of snacks, cereals, treats that were opened but weren't clipped shut so they were stale....it was unreal. I actually threw away 2 half full boxes of Triscuit crackers, 2 half full boxes of Cheerios. I agree with you, I'm going to make a better effort to not waste food too!

Amylouwho said...

I am with you on being too tired to make dinner. But I'm too cheap to eat out all the time so we have quesadillas and pasta a lot.

Have you heard of FlyLady (www.flylady.net)? She has a great plan to alleviate the cooking woes. Menu planning for the week ahead and then only shopping for the things you need for those meals. I've started doing it (not all the time like I should), but it totally helps. Then I focus on what to eat for 7 days for about 15 minutes and then all I have to do each day is look at what is planned and make it. Crock pots are great for this method too.

I don't know if you really want all of this advice - but there's my 2 cents!