Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm so, so sorry to report...

This is the latest from my old church regarding the little girl who fell into the swimming pool at her babysitters house:

Natalie West died early this evening in Portsmouth. About two dozen members of her family and friends gathered at the hospital to say good-bye to this precious little bundle of joy. Natalie’s body fought hard over the past few days to overcome the effects of her accidental drowning, but she is now mercifully at peace.

Prayers were lifted up for fourteen-month-old Natalie and her family all over the world – a Navy Chaplain shared with me that one church in El Salvador maintained a twenty-four hour prayer vigil. Fellow church members, friends, the U. S. Navy, and the wonderful staff at the Naval hospital have given the family continual support throughout this struggle. The family thanks you for every prayer, every note of support, and every offer of aid.

Services for Natalie are being planned and as soon as the arrangements are complete an email will be sent. Should a reception be included, Aldersgate members will be invited to share food. Several of our members are currently coordinating dinners for the West family from tomorrow, the 30th through Tuesday the 6th of November. If you would like to help with food for either a reception or these daily meals, please respond to this email (include your phone number) and your name will be shared with the coordinators.

If you go to you can leave a message of sympathy for the family. Please note that the family has not had an opportunity to update the website since Saturday, so as of 8 p.m. this evening, the homepage message is not current.

This is such an overwhelming, heart-breaking mystery and the why’s seem incomprehensible. The 77th Psalm says “though your footprints were not seen, You led your people like a flock.” Please continue to pray for Hillary, Bryan, and Natalie’s big sister Emily and all their extended family, that they will feel the comforting presence of God, even in those moments when His footsteps are not seen.


I thought I would share a video that a friend shared with me, and if any of you have a pool, your child visits a home with a pool, or if you frequent a lake or any open body of water, this seems to be an invaluable service.

Click here to see an incredible video of infant drowning survival techniques.

Click to visit the site ISR - Infant Swimming Lessons.

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The Tramontanas..... said...

Jen, this is horrible. I'm so sorry to hear this about these friends from your church. I'd be willing to coordinate a meal for the family if volunteers are still needed. What a horrible tragedy....I can't even imagine what the family - as well as the babysitter - must be going through right now. Let me know if any help is needed.