Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boxers or Briefs?

Well, it is official. I am sure you have all been waiting to hear, with bated breath. Especially Tony, if you read this, I know you love it when people drag on about their kid's poop. :o)

We have transitioned Brody to underpants. You would THINK that any normal person would not want to pee on themselves, let alone the other option. That would be your assumption. And you know what they saw about assume, right? "u" and "me", etc...? anyway...

Yeah, not so much in the Akers household. Poop and Pee are not things that seem to be abhorred, therefore, we have been spending the majority of our time lately talking about, visiting, reminiscing, celebrating, and focusing on The Potty.

*sigh* This has been, by far, the hardest parenting task yet.

But we found out... and this will show you just how impossible it is to deal with irrational people... Brody was set against underwear. Wouldn't have anything to do with it... but we just found out that he only wanted to wear underwear if the character is on the front instead of the rear. Well, all underwear that has ever been created and is available in the free world has the character on the rear. So, we now have a kid walking around with his underwear on backwards, by choice. I can't wait to see who this kid turns out to be. Should be pretty interesting ;)

Oh, the joys. :)

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