Monday, August 27, 2007

Calling all prayers

Everyone out there reading our blog, please say a prayer for my dad, Chuck Stockton, or "Pa Chuck". He has just gone into surgery for an aortic aneurysm. It was a planned surgery, but after getting there, my mom and dad have found out that it is a more serious surgery than they were led to believe due to the age and functioning capacity of my dad's heart. For all of you that have known him during your lives, you know his heart is the biggest and fullest of anyone, so we are very optimistic that he will come through with flying colors! Please say a prayer for him and his doctors to have strength of heart, knowledge, and healing in this process. Thanks so much!

We love you Pa Chuck and can't wait for you to be all better!

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The Tramontanas..... said...

Awww....Jen! We will be thinking about your dad! I hope the surgery goes well, and be sure to keep us posted. If you and Kurt want to go over to the hospital this evening, let me know - you can certainly bring Brody and Seth over.