Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yes, I promise, You like it.

My sister Susan gave me a great idea. You see, kids are crazy, completely whacked. I can feed Brody something for dinner and he will LOVE it, eat every bite, tell me that it is his FAVORITE. Then, I can make it later in the month and he will scream when he sees it and tell me that he doesn't like "that"!

Well, I am now taking pictures of the foods he says he likes and putting them in a Word Doc. I ask him, "You like this dinner? I will take a picture of it so we can remember". And he seems excited about it.

Now, when he freaks out on me, I can show him and remind him that, "Yes, I promise. You like it."


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Amylouwho said...

What a great idea! Alison is having food issues too - sometimes picky sometimes not. I think it's because she's still teething. I'm going to file this idea away for later use. :)