Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Halloween in August

It is still August. School hasn't even started yet. We still have a beach vacation planned for next month, but.... I just bought Brody's Halloween costume. ;) How is that for being proactive?

As a new parent, nobody tells you that you have to buy your Halloween costume MONTHS in advance if you want to get the costume your kid REALLY wants. When you have a baby, you just pick what you want your kids to be. No problem. see photo.

But then, when they get old enough, like Brody is now, he wants to be a specific thing... and that costume sells out before August! Lordy.

So, I had to go on Ebay and buy the LAST 'Hot Wheels World Racer costume' that exists on the planet. Said costume will be enormous on him, as he wears a size 2T and the costume is for a large boy, size 7. So, we are going to put my sewing skills to the test and see just how crafty I can be.

So, a word of wisdom, go NOW and buy that special costume... or you may be too late!

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