Monday, August 13, 2007

Is God in my nose?

After taking Brody back into his room tonight, he and Daddy had one of the most important conversations they will have...

Daddy, will you lay with me tonight?
No, buddy it is time to go to sleep.
I don't want to lay by myself. Can you just lay with me for one minute?
OK buddy, I will lay with you for a minute.
Because God is not with me right now.
Oh, Buddy God is ALWAYS with you. He is in your heart and in your room.
Is He in my legs?
Yes, He is in your legs.
And He is in my heart?
Yes, buddy, He is in your heart too.
Is He in my hair?
Yes, He is in your hair.
Is God in my blanket? Is He in my nose?
Yes, God is even in your nose.
Is He in my eyes? Is He in there (pointing to the air vent)?
Yes, Brody, He is everywhere.
Can I ask God to lay with me?
Yes, God would LOVE to lay with you.
Will He crawl up on my bed and lay on Poochie's pillow?
Yes, He would love to lay with you, but you can't see God. You have to believe that He is there and He is always with you.

So after Kurt left, Brody just may have asked God to come and lay with him. :)

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