Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pick your adjective

Okay, call me what you will, I may be stupid, frugal, cheap, insane, mad, genius, economical, naive, etc...

I have decided to remodel my kitchen. By myself (except for when I drag Kurt into it. He has no choice, really).

Well, the first item on the list was lights under the cabinet . Done (after Kurt had to come rescue me and finish the job).

Next item on the list, taking down all the cabinets, drawers, etc (35 in all) sanding them all down, applying 2 coats new stain and one coat of clear finish, sanding down all the cabinet edges, staining and finishing them, and putting it all back up. This should take me all of 10 years. I have done 1.5 cabinets and am about ready to give up. Oh, and we bought knobs, too. Lots of knobs. 35 knobs.

After that, we are thinking a new tile backsplash. With grout. Throw in new counter tops, some crown molding, I am sure new paint, probably new window treatments, etc... The fun never ends.

I am probably a cheapskate, or am just trying to live within our means, but you have to wonder how much money it is actually worth to hire someone to do this, especially someone who knows what they are doing!

I will post pictures as we go along... should be a long and interesting ride!

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