Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Answer to an Age Old Question

You should feel privileged. I have an answer to a question that has plagued humans as long as we have inhabited this planet...

Why did God create mosquitoes?

God revealed the answer to me today. Let me set the stage...

I am sitting in the family room folding clothes, (yes, because all I ever do is laundry) Brody comes in from outside where he has been swinging.

I pooped outside.
What, you mean you pooped in your pants while you were outside?
No, I poopied on the ground.
Take me outside and show me the poop.

He takes me out, shows me the evidence of the deed. *sigh*
Get inside now and go into the bathroom so we can wash your bottom.
I have an itch.
That is because you have poopies on your bottom. Go into the bathroom.

We walk into the bathroom and I am helping Brody to clean up when what do we see, but a large mosquito bite RIGHT ON HIS BUM.

I have an itch.
Do you know why you have an itch? Because you pooped outside on the ground. And when you poop outside, which is what only animals are supposed to do, you get bitten on the bum by bugs. So tell me... where are you going to put all your poopies from now on.

Thank you, God... for creating mosquitoes to teach my child exactly where the poopies are to go.

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