Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go Forth Brave Child

We went to Busch Gardens late last night for our first time this season. My parents always give us our Busch Gardens season passes for our birthdays (Thank you again Mimi and PaChuck!), so we usually go in the evenings for a couple of hours. It is much easier than taking the 2 kids for a full day at the park. Having season passes takes a lot of the pressure off to get everything done, go to all the shows, and ride all the rides while you are there.

It was one of the most pleasant evenings we have ever had as a family. Both boys were good listeners, stayed right with us, there was no crankiness, no defiance, just a lot of fun. Kurt and I both left as the happiest versions of ourselves. :)

On top of that, Brody is finally old and daring enough to start riding some "grown up rides". Last night he rode the Log Flume twice and the Battering Ram! He was so proud of himself! He wasn't too sure how he felt about the Battering Ram, but said he loved it after it was over. It was so fun to actually go on rides with him, too! We were so delighted. He was most proud because he didn't scream on any of the rides because he is so brave! :) Maybe we can get him on The Big Bad Wolf by the end of the season! :)

It was a great way to spend my Mothers Day eve. Oh, and Seth went in the potty at the park. Crazy! Happy Mothers Day to me!

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