Saturday, May 31, 2008

No, not yet. No, not yet. No, not yet. YES!

Finally, finally, FINALLY!

We live literally 2 minutes from our YMCA (which, by the way, is where Kurt just became a spin instructor. Go honey! Yay!).

We pass The Y going to school. We pass it going to the bank. We pass it going to Mimi and PaChucks house. And the pharmacy. And the doctor. And clothes shopping. And McDonalds.

Well, months and months ago, they started digging a pool and building a splash park. Right in clear view. Off the side of the road. I made the mistake of telling my kids that they were putting in a pool. I could have said, " Gee, I don't know what they are building. Let's wait and see." But no. I blabbed. And I have been punished by having to answer, "No, not yet." Every time we drive by. Sometimes 4 times a day.

Well, today, I was able to say, "Yes! It is ready! Let's go!"

We had a ball. That place is incredible and I am so thankful that it is there and that our membership fees already cover being members of the pool! Thank you, YMCA for making our summer that much more fun!

Look how cool this place is:

And, the kids really had fun.

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