Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seth is Black and Blue!

Seth is on FIRE with the potty training!! We have put about ZERO effort into potty training this kid, as opposed to Brody, which was a huge big long drawn out ordeal!! I am ECSTATIC, as you can tell by the multiple ALL CAPS and Exclamation Points!!!!

The funny thing, though, is that they have something in common. We bribe our kids to go in the potty with M&Ms. :) 2 for peepee and 4 for the other stuff. (Yes, I know. We are pretty generous with the M&Ms).

Anywho, both of our kids wanted Black(Brown) and Blue M&Ms for their "reward". So strange to me, as there are so many nice colors to choose from. I wonder if there is a study of colors and what it says about my kids that they both independently chose Brown and Blue as the colors they wanted.

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