Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

I woke this morning to a 4 year old child putting flowers in my nose. :) Then, my wonderful husband placed a tray of pancakes on my lap. Very quickly after that, the 4 year old took a bite of my pancake and asked to have a sip of my orange juice. And my milk. :)

It is so wonderful to be a mommy! I decided that I didn't want to eat all by myself in bed, so we carried the tray back downstairs to eat together, where my 2 year old brought me a card, said he loved me, and said "Happy Mothers Day". *sigh* It is about all my heart can take. Truly wonderful.

I hope all you mommies have a blessed day and can focus on what an incredible miracle your children are, and the responsibility that God has blessed you with to raise His children. My house may be a mess, Post-it may be coming to do experiments on my kitchen floor because it is stickier than any of their products, but all is well. I am blessed to be a mommy.

And I can always get to cleaning the floor when they are teenagers! :)

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