Friday, May 16, 2008

Throwing The Little Ones Back In

The YMCA right down the street from us is huge. It is a great gym with lots of great classes, and the BEST part... they are opening an outdoor pool/water park in a week! It has a water park play area with shooting water, a little kids play pool with slide and cute stuff, and an adult swimming pool. I can't wait! Almost all of my friends are also members of the Y so we are planning on getting together quite a bit over the summer at the pool.

So, in getting ready for the summer, Brody is back in swim lessons. He has a really hard time paying attention and listening during class because all he wants to do is play. I wonder if one-on-one lessons may be better for him to help him focus.

A really cool thing, the little girl that lives literally right behind our house is in his class!

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