Thursday, May 08, 2008

Parents Picnic

Today was one of those days that you look at your kid and think, "Who are you, little boy? Where has my little baby gone?"

It was the Parent's Picnic at Brody's preschool today. It was drizzling outside, so they had it in "The Running Room", which is Brody's favorite part of school, go figure.

They combined the celebration for Mother's and Father's Day, we all brought a blanket and picnic, ate with all the families and with our kids, we were sung to... there was dancing... and running around... and gifts for the parents. It truly was heart warming.

We sat with some of Brody's best friends, and as we were there, it hit me... Brody is getting old. I watched him with his friends and even had the thought that he is old enough to have friends that he has chosen himself! He has a class of 15 and there are a few of them that really like to hang out together. I had nothing to do with it... these are HIS friends. It was so strange to think of that. They are super cute kids, so he definitely has good taste! :)

He is just about to finish his 2nd full year of preschool and it amazes me how intelligent he has become in that time. He has learned so much there, but mostly he has just learned how to control himself, how to listen, how to behave, etc... He knows his whole alphabet and numbers, colors, shapes, seasons, days of the week, can write his name, and he is even learning to read quite a bit, but it is mostly how mature he is that makes me realize how quickly time is flying! I know next year will be incredible to see how far his brain goes!

Here he is with some of his friends and with his teachers.


Look out College, here we come! ;)

Brody made Kurt a necktie to wear and a necklace for me!

Here is the whole family at our indoor picnic

Here are the boys. Tell me they aren't going to break some hearts in high school!

Silly, as usual

Here is Ms. Sally, Brody, Mary Kendall (Brody's little sweetie) and Ms. Ann.

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