Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hair a la Ruth

Okay. I have a friend at church who is a wonderful, sweet, kind, gentle, and strong Christian woman. She has a beautiful voice and is always one of the most friendly people in any room.

That being said, because she is always so "put together", I usually feel like a shlep when I see her. Or as Oprah calls it, a "shlumpadinka" :) She dresses, every day, as if she has a photo shoot that evening. She accessorizes. Her mascara is never working it's way down her face.

But the real kicker... her hair. Ruth has perfect hair.

Every Wednesday evening when she walks into church choir, her hair is in an up-do. And not just any up-do (because I too wear an up-do almost everyday, it's called a ponytail), she has the kind of hair that I would pay someone to do when I need to go to a formal event. She has this hair on choir night! Doesn't she realize that it is Wednesday?! And it is night? She has been taking care of her two young children all day and then she shows up looking like that?! It should be illegal.

So, one night, I cornered her to ask how she does her hair. She proceeds to tell me, and then demonstrate on my hair, that what she does takes her 5 minutes and she just uses bobby pins and hair spray. So, she does 1/4 of my hair in about 1.5 minutes and it looks beautiful.

So, I am all gung-ho and buy pins and spray. Then, when I had a few moments today to play around, I thought I would give it a go. After 2 hours of trying, much searching on the internet for instructions, time spent with hot rollers in my hair, much teasing and scrunching, and using about 1 whole bottle of hair spray, I have hair that is comparable to Ruth's. It is nowhere near as tidy, and my head looks like it is made of metal with bobby pins sticking out every which-a-way, but I can see how this could one day become somewhat *easy*.

Now, the only problem is, I usually wear jeans and casual shirts... not quite the look I was going for! Oh well, I will have to work on that, too!

Ruth, if you are reading this, I love you to death! Thanks for the inspiration to get out of shlumpadinka. And choir ladies, am I right? Or am I right? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen!
I just read it! You rock girl. Whenever I'm having a down day, I'm going to read this. :) BTW, you hair looks fahhhbulous dahling!

ruthie :)

Michele said...

I agree completely........ Ruth is AWESOME . . . and by the way JEN . . . your DOOO really rocks.