Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, we did it. The little black box no longer receives a feed from DirecTV. We are WITHOUT TY! I will keep you posted as to how I make it through. Everyone tells me that we will all get used to it and will LOVE all the free time that it will allow us!

Wish us luck!

Financial Peace... Here We Come!


Amylouwho said...

Seriously, you won't regret it! Way to go!

Let me know if you want to know how to hook up a laptop to your TV - that's how we watch our stuff online. (when WE want to and for free)

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Jen good luck- and you know, we're right across the street. We're here to help if you have a Grey's Anatomy or, heaven forbid, a Wow Wow Wubbzy meltdown or something. (Smile!)