Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Halloween Decoration

I hate spiders. I know that lots of people hate spiders, but I seriously have an affliction. I seem to be getting better as I get older, but as my great friend JoEllen can attest, I panic... which isn't good when there is one on your windshield... on the inside of your windshield... and you are driving 65 miles per hour on the highway... with a bunch of girls in your car... but that is another story, right Jo?

On the other hand, I DO HAVE an incredible fascination with spiders once they get to a certain size... small ones, just creepy and annoying, but big ones with lots of colors and huge webs, amazing!

So, this is in our bushes in front of our house. I tried to get a photo of it next to a cell phone to show you that, including his legs, he is about the size of a call phone. He truly is awesome. But I still wish he wasn't there.

Looks like this is what he is: Common Yellow and Black Writing Spider

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Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

OH MY GOSH.....that sucker has FUR! I AM COMING OVER TO SEE IT!