Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Like the Wise Men


Christmas is almost upon us. I know, I know, get through Halloween first... but I like to get things done early. My goal each year is to be decorated, shopped, wrapped, cards made and sent by Dec 1st. Then, all I have to do is enjoy the season!

Anywho, to cut back on costs, and to ensure that our children appreciate and respect the gifts that they receive, we have decided to give each child Three gifts for Christmas, symbolizing the Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold that were given go the Christ Child. This will also keep our focus on our Lord.

Also, we would like to institute a "Gift for Jesus", where we all commit to giving a gift of our time to Christ sometime throughout the year... this could be something like working with Habitat for Humanity, at a soup kitchen, Toys for Tots, donating items to a homeless shelter, making cards and taking gifts to sick kids in the hospital, etc... If anyone would like to send suggestions of things to do with small children, I would greatly appreciate it!

So... this brings me to my exciting news... I am done shopping for the boys! We will need to buy one gift from SA**A, but have to wait and hear what our boys ask for from him.

I feel fantastic knowing that they will be receiving gifts that they will REALLY like, they won't be overwhelmed with *stuff*, and the focus will be on the nativity story as we open our gifts! AND, it is costing us a LOT LESS than in previous years! :)

Let me know your thoughts, your traditions, etc... I would love any ideas you can give me!

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